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Becoming a member of the Laurel Mechanical Contractors Association is as simple as:

  • Having a mechanical contracting company located within the association's 14 county area as pictured under the "About The Association"  section of this web site.
  • Your company must be signatory with the United Association of Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local Union 354.
  • A one time $250 initiation fee.
  • Annual membership dues of $500.

Once your membership is completed you will gain the benefits outlined in the "About The Association"  section of our web site.

Once you have become a member of our local association, your company will automatically become a member with the national Mechanical Contractors Association of America ( This will enable you to gain further benefits that include the many manuals and publications distributed by national committees that address the various needs of contractors. These publications range from Quality Piping Installation, Job Supervision, EEO and The Mechanics Of Marketing. On the national level, the MCAA is highly regarded as one of the premier trade associations within the construction industry.

If you would like a membership application contact our office at:
Phone: 724-238-5641     E-mail:

On behalf of the Laurel MCA Executive Committee, we would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration that you have given to our association regarding possible membership.

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