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1558 Mt. Pleasant Connellsville Road
Suite 60
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666
Phone: 724-972-6483

Company Principals: John E. Mondock IV, President/Owner

Years in Business: 5

History: Keystone Fabrication was founded by myself, John Mondock, in June 2018 and became a UA Labeled Fab Shop on March 13, 2019.

Expertise: We specialize in pipe welding, structural steel and plumbing fabrication. The majority of our work has been for the oil & gas market. We are currently working on starting a plumbing division for school and hospital work.

Major Projects:The Victoria & Albert Dehy projects for Blue Racer were our largest projects last summer at around $500,000 for both projects.

Narrative: Our goal is not to be the largest fabricator in the area but to be the best with integrity, relationships and performance. By keeping my crew under 20 men I can operate on very little overhead and be more competitive with our pricing.

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